Meet our Team

heating up westchester

Lia • Founder + President

Coffee: Iced Black Cold Brew

Product: Kerastase Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

Restaurant: Bagni Tiberio Capri Italy

“I love helping my team reach goals and realize their dreams”

Meagan • General Manager

Coffee: Iced Decaf French Vanilla Swirl

Product: Everything OLAPLEX!

Restaurant: Flor De Mayo

“I love setting up clients with an artist who will make them feel their best!”


Ebony • Manager

Specialty: Blowdrys + Extensions

Coffee: Caramel Latte with Caramel swirl

Product: L’Oreal Repair 10-1

Restaurant: Ripe Kitchen

“I love teaching incoming blowdry stylists new techniques”

Leah • Bridal + Events

Specialty: Beach Waves + Updos

Coffee: Caramel

Product: Techni Art: Next Day Hair

Restaurant: Las Manianitas

Liz • Stylist + MUA

Specialty: Bridal Makeup + Brush Curls

Coffee: Decaf or Herbal Tea

Product: Bare Minerals Concealer

Restaurant: Blend on the Water

“I love Hott being like a family, always there to help each other with new goals and learning techniques”

Julia • Stylist + MUA

Specialty: Bridal Makeup + Beach Waves

Coffee: Hazelnut latte

Product: L’Oreal 10 in 1

Restaurant: Brothers Trattoria

“At Hott we’re more than coworkers and we take pride in giving the best experience to our clients!”

Nicole • Stylist

 Specialty: Brush Curls + Updos

Coffee: Hazelnut

Product: L’Oreal Color 10 in 1

Restaurant: Colombian House

“At Hott we’re more than coworkers and we take pride in giving the best experience to our clients!”

Kaitlyn • Stylist

Specialty: Smooth Blowouts + Braids

Coffee: French Vanilla

Product: WOW

Restaurant: Chili’s

“I love creating new bonds with clients working at Hott”

Briana • Stylist

Specialty: Beach waves + Pin up sets

Coffee: Colombian coffee

Product: High Dive Moisture and Shine Creme by R&CO

Restaurant: Noches De Colombia

“I love the little family we created at Hott”

Gigi • Stylist

Specialty: Updos + Events

Coffee: Caramel Macchiato iced coffee

Product: WOW Dream Coat

Restaurant: Mexicue

“I love that I get to work with close friends and make my clients feel beautiful”

Teuta • Stylist

Specialty: Blowdrys

Coffee: Tea Lemon Zinger

Product: L’ORÉAL Vitamino Leave-in

Restaurant: Solaia restaurant

“I love that we all support each other and work together to make our ideas a reality at Hott”

Rye Brook

Viviana • Manager

Specialty: Voluminous Blowouts 

Coffee: Iced Coffee with French Vanilla Swirl

Product: L’Oreal DD Balm Nutrifier

Restaurant: Fortina

“I love to make people feel empowered and building true friendships with clients”

Natalie • Stylist + MUA

Specialty: Bridal Hair + Makeup

Coffee: Lavender Green Tea

Product: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Stick

Restaurant: Bar Taco

“I love watching my clients light up in my chair. When you look good, you feel good”

Lisa • Stylist

Specialty: Beach Waves 

Coffee: Skinny Vanilla Latte

Product: Olaplex Leave-in + Bonding Oil

Restaurant: Cheesecake Factory

“I love performing different styles and interacting with different clients”

Tatiana • Stylist

Specialty: Precision Haircuts

Coffee: Kusmi Tea

Product: Kerastase Shampoo Line

Restaurant: Her own Kitchen

“The best thing about being a hairstylist is the opportunity to make friends with people from all walks of life”

Michelle • MUA

Specialty: Special occasion Makeup

Coffee: Cold brew with Cinnamon Almond Milk Foam 

Product: BareMinerals Gen Nude Buttercream Gloss

Restaurant: Bartaco

“I love making my clients feel beautiful and confident and being able to express myself creatively and artistically”

Jenna • Stylist + MUA

Specialty: Beach Waves

Coffee: Iced Caramel Latte

Product: L’Oreal 10 in 1 Spray

Restaurant: Edo

“I love learning something new every day”

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