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Hott Bridal Glow

Be the Belle of the Ball

Your big day is coming, and we’re here to make it unforgettable. Whether you’re the bride, a bridesmaid, or an honored guest, our tailored bridal packages are all about making sure you look and feel your absolute best. This is your moment. And we’re here to ensure you shine with unparalleled confidence.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Rye Brook & Armonk NY

Services Timeline


months before wedding

Kick off your hair routine. Incorporate consistent hair masks and treatments. Don’t forget those regular trims and have a chat with your stylist about any style or color adjustments you’re contemplating.


months before wedding

Thinking of extensions? It’s best to try them out now. This gives you ample time to get a feel for them and adjust to their look and feel.


months before wedding

Playing with the idea of a new hair color? Test it out now. This ensures you’ve got time to switch things up if needed.

It’s time for hair and makeup test runs!

Consider brightening up your smile with a teeth-whitening session.


weeks before wedding

Time to focus on those brows – shape and tint them to perfection.

Lock in all your appointments for the wedding week, from the rehearsal dinner look to any waxing needs.


weeks before wedding

Refresh or change your hair color, letting it get just right as the big day approaches.

Pamper your locks with deep conditioning treatments, especially in the last two weeks.

Tidy up those brows and consider enhancing your lashes with lifts and tints.

It’s Time!

Wedding Week

Opt for lash extensions, ensuring they remain stunning through your honeymoon.

Get that perfect blowout for the rehearsal dinner. Coupled with a conditioning treatment, your hair will be primed for your wedding day style.

Bridal Hair & Makeup Rye Brook & Armonk NY

Book Together, Shine Together

It’s always more fun with friends and family. Gather your bridesmaids, your mom, or even your future mother-in-law, and embark on this beauty adventure together. Let’s all shine as a team.


Tip: Weddings in New York are always in demand, so make sure to book early. Planning a wedding during the busiest times? We’re here to accommodate, at our salon or your preferred location.

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Think of the perfect bridal beauty experience, and let’s make it a reality. Get in touch, and we’ll make sure every detail is just right for you.