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Hott Summer Specials!

Beat the heat with our cool summer menu! 👙🌂☀️  Take the Hott seat and let us be your humidity hero with four different ways to fight the friz! 

We love how prepared our clients are for their appointments in terms of scheduling. We get it, we do. You want to have a hott package ready to go at a moment’s notice. However, moving forward, we will only be allow our lovely clients to purchase one blowdry package at a time. But no worries! As soon as you’re done with that package, feel free to jump online and book your next hott seat with us. 


  • Totally Hott will be closed the week of July 25th reopening on August 1, 2017
  • Hott Blowdry Bar will be open and happy to take appointments during that time.


Book your hott seat online or call us at 914.506.5566.

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