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Tips to Make your BlowDry HOTT for days!!

Today a client posted a question on our Facebook page on how she could make her hair last longer between Blowouts. It inspired me to share my tips with ALL of our clients and is the topic of today’s blog !!

Before we talk about what to do AFTER you leave the salon, let me talk a minute about what you can do BEFORE you arrive at HOTT!

I always tell my stylists “The foundation for a great blowout starts in the sink” it is so important  to have a clean canvas before we do anything with the brush and dryer! You can aid us in this process. If at all possible the night before your appointment, give your hair and scalp an  extra scrub in the shower, then when you come to us we will make sure your hair is free from anything that could weigh it down. Of course if you are coming straight from the gym or can’t wash your hair before that’s ok too.. We will make sure your hair is clean and ready to go!

Here are a few tips to help maintain your blowout in between appointments.

1. Take it back to the 80’s!!! Dig out your old scrunchie and loosely pile your hair on top of your head. Rubber bands and hair ties can cause breakage and leave “dents” in your hair while you sleep.

2. Cap it!!! Next time you are in the salon pick up one of our awesome shower caps! If you can… Section your hair and wrap it around large Velcro rollers and top it off with a shower cap before you rinse off in the shower. Then take out the rollers and shake it out!

3. Dry Shampoo!! Make it your new best friend!.. Shake it in after your shower or after the gym  Ask any of our stylists to help you find the perfect dry shampoo for you!

4. Pick up a can of TexStyle to revive the volume  A few sprays at the roots will have you Va Va Vooming again in no time.

5. If it rains … Take a dab of Weather Girl and lightly apply all over to help fight the “Frizz”

Follow these easy steps and you’ll be sure to get the most out of your Hott BlowDry!!

Stay tuned  for more Hott trends and tips here on our blog or any of our social media sites !!

See ya soon at the Hott Lounge

“Westchester’s Hottest BlowDry Bar”



Love is in the Hair

love is in the hair

We had a great event yesterday — ” Love is in the…HAIR” with our friends from Skinny Buddha Inc. THANK YOU for providing these amazing treats! To our neighbors and clients, we can’t wait to get you in our HOTT seat !!!